What is the "God's Pleasure At Work" course?

It is a course that focuses on practical, biblically-based approaches to helping sons, daughters and students to be successful in their work. 

What kind of work are you talking about? 

Their current work at home and school, as well as any other work in the community. From taking out the garbage, to doing homework, to mowing the neighbor's lawn on the weekend. Of course, it also includes their future work, in whatever occupations the Lord may lead them.


Knowing how to work is a lost art these days, but knowing why we work is an even greater mystery! Any young person who unlocks this mystery before graduating from high school will be far ahead of the curve, no matter what work they may do in the future.

Here's a link to a short video that tells more:

Link to "Introduction"

What is the cost for the materials?

The "God's Pleasure At Work Curriculum Pack" is $35.

What do I receive for this payment?

The "God's Pleasure At Work Curriculum Pack" contains: a 180-page e-text with over 50 video clips, a 48-page, full-color Participant Guide, and a 54-page book, The Lost Purpose for Learning, and a Facilitator's Guide.

For more about the main, 180-page text, click here.

Most importantly, you receive practical, biblically-based tools for helping sons, daughters and students to engage with their work in truly meaningful ways. We don't find meaning in our work, we bring meaning to our work!

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For those who wish to know  the deeper reasons for this course, and why it is so important, read the essay by Dr. Christian Overman, The Lost Purpose for Learning (click the dark circle on the text below to enlarge it to full screen):